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We like to take an integrative approach to treating and supporting your pets medical needs. In order to do that successfully a targeted diet plan for your pets health conditions is usually necessary. We can help support a wide range of dietary needs such as weight loss or gain, food sensitivity, renal disease, heart disease and cancer. We can support your pets needs with a wide range of prescription and fresh food diets, as well as natural supplements to help treat and support your animal.

Virtual and in-house consultation is available for all dietary needs. Here at Monroe Town and Country, we find that a healthy diet plan is so important that we offer free dietary consultation throughout your pet’s life.

Nutritional and Supplement Counseling

Available for various needs in your pet’s life, for example, growth, weight loss, dental disease prevention, aging, and disease management.

We carry Rayne Clinical Nutrition Food: a line of whole food-based ingredients, that are minimally processed for a variety of dietary and therapeutic needs throughout your pet’s life-cycle.

We offer a variety of natural supplements as part of integrative therapies to help your dog stay healthy and address behavior problems from birth to old age. We suggest our line of VetriScience Pro Line supplements created to provide veterinarians with advanced products designed exclusively for vets.

The following links will redirect you to more information on our recommended Nutrition and Supplements lines.

We Also Provide consultation on feeding home-prepared diets for a number of health conditions.